Broadwell Nouveau Sceptre pen kit (PSI)

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Broadwell Nouveau Sceptre pen kit (PSI)



This pen was designed by Penn State Industries in collaboration with veteran pen designer David Broadwell to bring you this exclusive new Nouveau Scepter Black TN & 22kt Gold Fountain Pen Kit. This is your chance to transform this expertly designed kit into your own unique piece of art.

David Broadwell is an experienced custom knife and penmaker with twenty-four years of experience shaping and sculpting a variety of metals, fine woods, ivory and stone. His pens have been featured in Stylophiles online magazine, Pen World International, Stylus Magazine, and showcased in the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) 3M Innovative Tools 2002 Exhibition. His handmade pens sell for thousands of dollars.

David’s expertise and meticulous attention to detail bring his Nouveau Scepter Pen Kits to life with custom molded three-dimensional Art Nouveau designs and premium platings.

David on his Nouveau Scepter Pen Kit Design:
“I have always loved Art Nouveau with its intensely organic lines and have incorporated it into my work for years. One of my more popular and personal favorite pen designs is my Scepter. When I was asked to design the components for the latest kit from Penn State Industries, my first thought was to use elements from my Sceptres – the wide cap and the rounded barrel – with some new free Nouveau elements for the cladding. I find it interesting and relaxing to watch trees move through a gentle breeze, and I wanted to make the ribbon on the cap band look like it’s being blown around by the wind. ”


All visible accent rings, bands and hoods feature elegant custom molded 3-dimensional Art Nouveau designs.
Components are cast, polished and covered with a durable 2 micron 22kt gold plate and Black titanium and the other with a durable 2 micron 22kt gold plate and Rhodium
Fountain pens contain an elegant medium a German-made Nib with iridium tip and Incl. Ink cartridge and an ink converter


Required additional materials:

BU995 Bushings

DB105 and DB125 drill

PM014 And PM116  pen mill.




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