Mini sleutelhanger lampje kit

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Mini sleutelhanger lampje kit

Er moet 2 x een AG13 (LR44) knoopcel batterij in.

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Benodigde bijkomende materialen:

BU82 Busjes

9/16″ boor

Extra informatie


Goud, Chrome, Gun metaal

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  1. mc_sam

    Without a assembly instruction this kit took me longer than any pen assembly. After 30 minutes I figured out the mounting order because you can *not* just press the threads in the tube and put the rest in. Onve assembled you would not be able to insert the plastic cap for the batteries or the big spring. I still don’t know where the rubber o-ring is supposed to go, tried everything without any improvement)
    After assembly it lit up nicely in the “on” position, but in the “off” position a slight movement (shaking or laying it on the desk) of the keyring made a contact again and the LED lit up. On a keychain this would drain the batteries quickly.

    I would not reccoment this kit.

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